13 solutions to fix AirPlay not working between iPhone and Mac

If there is awhite light flashing, that means your HomePod is in trouble, and you will have to reset it to fix this issue. After that, you can select your HomePod as an audio output. When you set up your Apple TV or HomePod, you’re given a choice to use the HomePod as your Apple TV’s default audio output. Follow the solutions below if you’re facing the above issue or one similar to it. The fixes here work for all HomePod models, including HomePod 1st or 2nd generation or HomePod mini. In case you aren’t on the latest versions of iOS 14, iOS 15, or macOS Monterey, consider updating.
For example, in the YouTube app for iPad, there will be an AirPlay button in the bottom right corner of the video. Here’s how to use AirPlay to cast videos from your iPhone, your Mac, and your Windows PC. A few hours ago someone tried AirPlay from their iPhone to my LG C9 OLED. After that occurrence, I have been unable to use AirPlay from my Macbook Pro.
The TV will restart automatically when the update is complete. airplay not working can make it appear to AirPlay that your devices are not all on the same network. If you have a VPN enabled on your Apple device, you may need to switch it off while you’re using AirPlay.Wi-Fi extenders may also disrupt AirPlay connections. AirPlay is a type of wireless connection that lets you share images, audio, and video from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad to a smart TV. While many Samsung TVs are AirPlay compatible, the connection doesn’t always work the way it should. If you’re having trouble getting AirPlay to work on your Samsung, don’t worry!
Disconnect some devices from your home network to free up some bandwidth. Rebooting or power cycling your Wi-Fi router might also fix the problem. Otherwise, update the router’s firmware and check for malware infection. With AirPlay enabled on your Apple TV, you can enjoy the convenience of streaming media files to your home entertainment system. Seamless screen mirroring from Apple devices to your TV screen is another benefit of the technology.
AirPlay may not work when either of the devices isn’t connected to the home WIFI. It may not work when you try to screen mirror to an incompatible device or one with no AirPlay support. Likewise, your Mac won’t stream content to your Apple TV either. When you send content to your Apple TV, you’ll get a message that incoming connections are blocked. In that case, Apple TV will display an “Unable to stream to Mac” error when you send an AirPlay request. Shut down and restart your Apple TV and the device you’re streaming content from—iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod touch.
If all is well, perhaps the application or web page you want to cast is not fully Airplay compatible. You don’t need an Apple TV device or subscription to use AirPlay. All you need is to have your iPhone and television connected to the same network, then follow the prompts above. Tap on the TV where you want your iPhone screen to be mirrored. Your phone screen should now be visible on your TV, and you can use your phone to find the media you want to display.
Usually, you’ll go into the settings and select an option like ’Never’ in order to turn these kinds of things off. It can be very frustrating when AirPlay is not working. Hopefully, the combination of tips above should certainly help with handling AirPlay not working error. While unlikely, there’s a chance you are encountering a unique problem with your specific device. Check the box next to “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available.”