mammuth bitcoin-arbitrage-trading-bot: Trading bot which exploits price-spreads between cryptocurrency exchanges :mag::money_with_wings:

These include viewing prices of coins in real time, executing live orders, simulating markets, calculating indicators, and alike. Compared to our previous entries, its functionality is somewhat limited. Still, the bot continues to be useful, and it’s also completely free. Once you have added your crypto accounts to CryptoHopper, you can begin making advanced trades, including stop loss, trailing stop loss, auto close, and DCA trades. CryptoHopper has 120+ indicators and candle patterns from which to choose, allowing you to seamlessly implement a trading strategy across accounts on multiple exchanges.
You can click on these bots and simply copy their settings to create a bot for a particular market. However, keep in mind that the cost-free plan has limitations when compared to paid plans. Free account supports only one exchange, two demo/live rules, as well as only seven template strategies. Coinrule supports over 10 major cryptocurrency exchanges via API key connections. Some of those supported exchanges are Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Binance, BitMEX, Kraken, and Poloniex.
BTC Crypto Evex is a cryptocurrency trading software, powered by Crypto Ai technologies, programmed to recognize market opportunities. It retrieves historical and current market information and uses advanced mathematical algorithms to analyze the data in real-time. Based on that, Bitcoin Trader generates trading signals, which – according to its set parameters – make optimal trading opportunities alerts.
Exchange Valet offers different billing terms for different timeframes. Shrimpy gives everyone a Hodler trading package for free that includes all portfolio tracking features. NapBots allows sveral budget plans, with different set of timeframes, and features. HaashOnline is one the most feature-rich bots in the market, because of its developer-friendly environment, meaning if you got the skills, you can script anything on it. For serious traders using Cryptohopper, we suggest the Hero package, however, beginners can do just well with Explorer, and note that there is a Free 7-day trial as well.
Even though experienced traders rarely follow the news, they still try to anticipate it and think outside the box. Sometimes traders intentionally play against the market and bad news becomes good news, sometimes it’s quite a gambling. Simply put, arbitrage trading programs (ATP) implement algorithms to identify price differences across various markets.
The bot is suitable for both novice traders and more experienced ones. This strategy works in parallel on different exchanges, meaning that there are no latency issues, and your bot can instantly take advantage when it finds one. Leonardo’s user interface became outdated and it lacked a couple of features.
With the help of Botcrypto’s indicators, you will be able to utilize two different types of bots – the DCA and the GRID – as well as their technical indicators. Users are allowed to purchase automated bot algorithms that have been developed by their team of professional traders. At 3Commas, you can either create a new portfolio by adding the required assets or link an existing one from an exchange. You will be able to monitor your portfolio and analyze the profits.
Zignaly offers a 30-day free trial of its bots to enable users to analyse the service’s performance before deciding to adopt it. Here, the trading bot follows a close surge in assets and sells when market momentum reverses. Indeed, Bitcoin Trading Bot is still very young compared to other financial instruments. However, the industry has seen the rise of professional traders over its more than ten years of existence. After the software has gone through the first two components above and is certain there is a window of opportunity to buy or sell a coin, the trade will be swiftly executed strategically. The module would either make a profit for the user or reduce the losses.